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Annualised Return: +45.29% pa
Current ROI: +.62%
Average trade days: 5

Average trade upswing: +0.62%

Average days to reach peak price on picks that do +% or more: (0/3 picks)

The Annualised Return figure is calculated from the current average trade balance (ROI) and average length of trade time to the present day divided into a year's trading. There's no attempt here to manage this list of trades and they will go up and down over time as you would expect. The numbers you see above and below are where you would be if you simply bought and never sold. If, however, you're entering around my Pick Price and managing to trade efficiently (exit at a higher price than the current price shown) on a regular basis then you should be able to trounce the Annualised Return figure above.

These charts caught my eye recently and I suspect they could do some decent business to the upside over a typical (for me) 2-4 month hold. The Pick price is the buy price at the time I added the share to this list - not necessarily what I would consider the best buy price to go in at. I don't necessarily wait for an ideal buy price before adding a share here. If the chart catches my eye then I may add it there and then, regardless of what's currently going on with the share price so bear that in mind as this is very much the "warts and all" representation without any attempt to manage this virtual portfolio by implementing stop-losses on the dogs or banking the big winners.

As and when I spot other likely candidates during my ongoing chart request updates I'll add them here.

As ever, there's no guarantee of anything with the stock market and if they started to dive significantly from my pick price (FYI, I don't consider -10-15% as being significant), particularly if it was on the back of poorly received news, I'd probably cut my losses pretty quickly but whether you'd see any weakness from my pick price as an opportunity is up to you. Do also bear in mind that, almost without exception, these are Technical Analysis based trades with no knowledge of the company whatsoever but if you think the company is good and the time may be right for some upside in the months ahead and I like the setup on the chart then, perhaps, it's worth taking a closer look but as ever any trades you choose to make are your own responsibility.

Many/most of these picks may need some time to "mature" as you'd expect but what you're looking for here is limited downside with, hopefully, some sizeable upside over whatever timescale to either get a quickish profitable trade away or to hold for longer as you yourself see fit - that's a Swing Trade.

What's the point of this page? Primarily to demonstrate how a broad/mixed PF (portfolio) mitigates risk for you and how being patient (weeks/months not days!) can pay off. Some decent wins, some minor paper losses, some going completely tits as happens in the real world, some fundamentals plays, some TA/oversold bounce-only plays etc. With a broad PF you have the option of cutting your losses quickly if you wish and letting the winners run or banking them as you see fit - that's how you manage a balanced PF and reduce your stress levels to a bare minimum :)

If you're new to the game or are constantly making horrendous losses then this is meant to show you how a balanced PF can work for you. Most professional traders run a PF of 8-20 shares and look to make/take profits over some months on each of those. It's not necessarily meant to be a "buy this now" shout page but to show you one way that making money can be achieved whilst mitigating your overall risk at the same time. Learning how to not lose money (overall) should be lesson #1 for everyone and then you build from there having established a base position for yourself (experience = knowledge = skill = consistent profits).

Please email me immediately when you add a chart/share to bonker99's Chart Picks   

(sorry but I cannot email thousands of people each time I add to this list so you'll have to check back periodically to see what's been added)

The default sort order is descending Pick Date order but you may click on each column header to change the sort order (ascending<>descending) which enables you to see the best/worst performing shares and which are moving right now and in what direction, either on a daily or weekly basis.
Clicking on the share EPIC will take you to my latest TA chart picture for a given company where you can add the share to your Watchlist to receive automatic chart update notifications via email if you wish.
Share prices/performance are broadly accurate and are updated every 15 minutes. RNS alerts for today are shown via a red dot, clicking on a red dot will take you to the full RNS details.

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EPICCompanyPick datePick priceLowestHighestCurrentDailyWeeklyRNS
XXXXxxxxx Xxxxxxxxx12/02/20208.10+0.62%+0.62%+0.62%0.00%-1.21%
XXXXxxxxx Xxxxxxxxx12/02/20208.10+0.62%+0.62%+0.62%0.00%-1.21%
XXXXxxxxx Xxxxxxxxx12/02/20208.10+0.62%+0.62%+0.62%0.00%-1.21%

Current performance as at 17:01 on Friday, 14th February, 2020

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