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Top 20 site content views in the last three days - these are the most popular shares/charts on the site   

1/ MTRMetal Tiger - Blog
Moved up >3 places in last 3 days2/ SDXSDX Energy - Blog
3/ HYRHydrodec - Blog
4/ IRRIronridge Resources - Blog
5/ BKYBerkeley Energia - Blog
6/ MTFBMotif Bio - Blog
7/ REDRedT Energy - Blog
Moved up >5 places in last 3 days8/ SRB Serabi Gold81.000.00%
9/ MKA Mkango Resources6.753.05%
10/ FUM Futura Medical13.137.58%

- Moved up more than three places from the prior three day period
- Moved up more than eight places from the prior three day period

Prices are as at 08:01 on Friday, 3rd April, 2020.
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